I know something you don’t know
Red light green light all my kilas on go
Go go go… Go go go…

I know something you don’t know
Red light green light all my kilas on go
Go go go… Go go go…

I started from the bottom Why you think they show me love
I pull the plug on your plug For thinking he the plug
I got way too many opps, You won’t catch me in the club
I’m a all-star baby but I carry me a anub

Let it fly at any minute Why you think I call it zion
That might be your chick But my di*k is what she be on

Call of duty vision. I be shooting like a recon
I go dumb on these beats
But don’t compare me to these retards

God damn it baby I got money in my flesh
If I’m going for the bag 6 figures nothing less
They say love is in the air so you know I hold my breath
If I’m praying for my enemies in praying fo their death

I seen that movie joker Y’all could play that role
Life ain’t no poker I ain’t finna fold

Red light green light all my kilas on go
I seen a bunch of homies switch without a pick and roll

Don’t compare me to these rappers that be raping in Punjabi
Motherfu*ker a lultaan cause that homies a punani
He looking like a gandhi this looking like a homie
Never been crowd surfing but I’m bout to catch a body

I’m gunnin like the raptors homie you don’t know me
He claim to be a ‘OG’ but I don’t know b

I drink a 24 you getting 8 like kobe
Fuck a old face app he already looks like he 40
How you talking shit but you living out in moose jaw
2 to his grill leave him with a loose jaw

I ain’t finna shoot y’all this is what I do dog
Grag through queens you a bitch like ru paul
What’s you think his mask for this is what’s you ask for
Why you talking shit man, you barely got a passport

Pull up to your block skirt looking like the task force
I’m shooting like a militant you leaving in a black hearse
Og pumping your chest you ain’y breathing dog
Fu*k a pr he gon’ give you cpr

You was talking about my fam I can’t disregard
But I’m nice guy so we ain’t getting family involved
How you tryna diss me, talking about my hight
I could talk about your weight but I don’t talk about what’s light

You a nobody puss* I can’t talk about your life
When I see you triple w, just know that it’s on-site
I’m swinging like I’m Rambo motherfu*ker push your melon in
It must be Halloween they got me beefing with a skeleton

I fight 1 on 1 I never rush like adrenaline
You slim and you shady but puss* you ain’t Eminem
Who the fu*k you better than, stupid I’m a visionary
You gon’ need a motherfu*ker tutor and a dictionary

How you come up short every year just like you February
Pop a bullet in your jeans like that shit heredity

I’m at the top that’s why he envy me
Most vehla panch*d you the mvp
Fu*k your geet you just cheat on your mp3
Gandhi paar taan vadhala before you come for me

I know something you don’t know
Red light green light all my kilas on go
Go go go… Go go go…


Composer BYG BYRD